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  • Encube Press Release
    Medical Instill and Encube Ethicals, a US FDA approved and one of the largest contract manufacturers of semi-solid preparations, announce a global alliance for Intact™ Technology, end to end solutions.
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  • A first Vaccine product approved in the Closed Vial for all European countries
    Synflorix™ from GSK Biologicals approved by EMA in the closed vial
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  • Viaggi wins in the Equipment Category at the Sirha 2011 Innovation Awards
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  • Viaggi Press Release
    Nestlé Viaggi, launched in Europe in June 2010 by Nestlé, became thanks to Medical Instill’s Intact™ one-way non contamination Valve the first fully integrated, automatic espresso and cappuccino machine with ambient storage of milk and chocolate concentrate.
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  • LACF No Objection for Intact™ Valve
    The Intact™ dispensing valve received no objection at the Low Acid Canned Food (LACF) office of the US FDA (SID: 2009-04-02/001 and 2009-04-06/001)
  • Aseptic Technologies wins 2009 Facility of the Year Award Winner for Equipment Innovation
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  • Nestle Press Release
    Nestlé Nutrition and Medical Instill announce Exclusive Partnership Agreement to manufacture sterile liquid nutrition products.
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  • GSK Press Release
    Medical Instill and GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals announce long term deal on Intact™ for single-dose vaccines and injectables.
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  • In June 2011, the first vaccine using the closed-vial technology for primary packaging was approved by the EU.

  • February 2018 - Pharmaceutical Technology
    Establishing Correlation Between Aerosol and Surface Microbial Populations
    F. Andreas Toba, David A. Miller, Bryan R. Campbell, Debashis Sahoo, James P. Agalloco, and Daniel Py
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  • November 2017 – Pharmaceutical BioPharm Technology
    Vaccine Development and Manufacturing 2017
    Moving to Closed Systems for Aseptic Processing – James Agalloco and Len Mestrandrea
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  • July 2017 – Pharmaceutical Online
    An Evaluation Of A Closed Sterile Transfer Process For Aseptic Filling
    Tara Scherder, James Agalloco, David Hussong, and Leonard Mestrandrea
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  • 13 April 2016 - PATH, Seattle, WA, USA
    Stability of live attenuated rotavirus vaccine with selected preservatives and primary containers
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  • November / December 2015 – PDA Letter
    Closed System Filling Technology: A New Paradigm
    James Agalloco, John Quick, Leonard Mestrandrea, and David Hussong
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  • July 2010 – Informa Healthcare
    Advanced Aseptic Processing Technology - James Agalloco and James Akers
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  • March 2010 - Pharmaceutical Technology
    In Search of a Sterile Fill
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