INTACT™ Sterilization

The Intact™ containers are closed with a pierceable and self-closing septum. Hence, pre-filling sterilization option includes:

  • Gamma or Beta Irradiation
  • Autoclave for our silicone closed devices
  • Sterilant: contained in the septum closed device, sterilant does not expose operators

MedInstill has developed a safe and proprietary method.


The Intact™ Sterilization has been tested using standard biological indicators (i.e. Bacillus atrophaeus, B. pumilus, Geobacillus stearothermophilus) used in the validation of other sterilization processes.

On-site, fully integrated

The MedInstill Intact™ Sterilization allows for a fully integrated, on-site filling process, from the container molding through the filling.


Like any other sterilant, it requires adequate precautions during handling; however, such precautions are typical and universal.


The sterilant is non-flammable. At the pressure and concentration used by MedInstill, it is classified as “not a special hazard”. It simply requires commonly used ventilation, control and personal protection measures found in manufacturing facilities.


Sterilant is readily available from suppliers around the world.


The cost of Intact™ Sterilization is significantly less than other sterilization methods.