Sterile Multiple-Dose Flexible Packaging

Since the Intact™ valve maintains the product sterility from first to last dose, flexible packaging and bigger volume packaging leverage all four of the Intact™ technologies, bringing convenience and personalized products across many markets. Example of applications include:

  • Bag-in-boxes
  • Bags with disposable Intact™ valves
  • Diposable Bags with reusable Intact™ valves


  • Container size: from 0.25 liters
  • Dose size: from 20 ┬Ál to continuous flow
  • Metered dosing possible
Reusable Dispensing Systems

Bags for INTACT™ re-usable dispensing systems

Reusable Dispensing Systems

Rechargeable TableTOP, Bag-in-box

Reusable Dispensing Systems

Bags with disposable dispensing systems

Reusable Dispensing Systems

Any shape, any size!