Value Proposition

Market Differentiation

  • Unique proprietary technology with possible exclusivity
  • Multiple-dose devices enabling dispensing of non-preserved sterile formulation from first to last dose
  • Multiple chamber devices with reconstitution at time of consumption / administration
  • Metered dosing

Life Cycle Management (Pharmaceutical)

  • Can extend drug protection against generics even after patent expiration
  • New line in Orange Book for non-preserved multiple-dose reformulation

Speed for Product Development

  • No need for preservative development
  • The unmatched safety level of filling closed vials combined with the anticontamination dispensing valve has been proven to dramatically increase stability of most sensitive products such as Vitamin C, prostaglandins, etc.
  • Shorter delivery time and validation of filling lines

Operational Quality & Efficiency

  • 100% sterile (reducing risks of recalls & liability)
  • Lower CAPEX (no isolators, smaller footprint, simpler filling equipment) and operating costs (marginal downtime as filling occurs through closed containers, no splashing, limited media fills, less operators, less training…)
  • Flexibility to fill various drugs on same equipment thanks to simple carrier plate changes
  • Flexibility to fill liquids and concentrates, enabling centralized filling of noble ingredients, lower shipping costs, and reconstitution in local markets with smaller equipment